Soul Matters is a company formed by professionals with more than 15 years of experience in managing large and small national and international productions. In the last 5 years the professionals that are part of this young company have organized more than 1000 concerts between booking tasks, production of large festivals and indoor concerts. The driving force behind this new brand is musical excellence in the field of African-American music without losing sight of other tangential genres and new trends.


Soul Matters will focus on bringing the best proposals worldwide to the national public but also on promoting careers of national artists within and outside our borders. In the field of technical production, Soul Matters has had an important portfolio of clients since its inception, among which are some of the most important promoters nationwide Get In, Last Tour, Riff Productions, Sharemusic, Sonde3 …


At Soul Matters the only premise is quality. All the artists who are and will be part of the roster of our company will be selected solely and exclusively with this criterion as a differential value. Regarding the work of production of events and large concerts, the proximity with the client, the technical capacity, the ability to handle large human and economic resources with temperance and efficiency and above all the meticulous work and sparing no effort are some of our signs of identity.


‘ Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music ‘

George Elliot

Los DelTonos – Craft Rock

Combo Paradiso – Loco vaivén

The Soul Jacket – Let me stand