Juan Zelada has built himself based on tenacity and experiences. A British tour of 10 years has led him to reach successes in the BBC, and various tours and awards. Already back in Spain, Zelada has made a name in the national scene in these last 4 years, both with his previous albums and with the new material that comes from his creative mind.

Mixing Spanish and English, maintaining its own soul voice but playing with that universal language that is music, regardless of styles. References of soul, funk, rock, latin music, etc., all as a reflection both of the personality of Juan Zelada, as well as referencing the modern world in which we live, with multiple visual and sound references at the same time in our perception , be it the computer with its multiple open windows, the smartphone, or the reality that surrounds us. The purpose is not to be pigeonholed, to make music without labels, global, and to reach people.

Undoubtedly one of the most versatile and consolidated projects of our scene, with an artist with personality at its best and a band with a powerful and, without a doubt, surprising live performance.